At LookGreatMD Center, our injectors are not commissioned or incentivized to inject more product than is necessary for you to achieve your desired outcome.  Therefore, our experienced nurse’s aim is to give you the desired look without you spending more than is necessary.

For more information about the procedure or risks involved with Restylane, please read our Restylane consent form.

What is Restylane ®?

Restylane ® injections are a great solution for adding volume and fullness to your skin to fix moderate to severe folds and wrinkles. Whether you have nasolabial folds (area near your nose to the corner of your mouth) or other facial wrinkles. Restylane ® injectable gel is one of the world’s most studied wrinkle fillers with more than a decade of use. Restylane ® injectable restores hyaluronic acid that becomes depleted due to various factors over time. Restylane ® injectable is used to correct and enhance these problem areas:

  • Nasolabial folds, which run from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Lines begin to show as collagen is depleted in the facial area.

  • Marionette Lines which give the appearance of sagging and/or down turned expressions.

  • Vertical Lip Lines that can appear over time due to ordinary lip muscle movement.

How does it work?

*This filler is injected underneath the skin which fills and flattens the soft tissue of the dermis. This procedure helps reduce of the appearance of wrinkles and removes lines. Restylane® injectable restores hyaluronic acid that becomes depleted due to various factors over time. Restored levels of HA in your skin can give it a tighter, smoother, and overall more youthful appearance.

Don’t let lines and wrinkles affect your appearance any longer. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and set up your appointment. To get a better idea of what Restylane injections can do for you check out some of the results from the before and after pictures below.

*Individual results may vary.