Why LookGreatMD?

When it comes to the quality of the services provided at Look Great MD, two distinct areas set us apart from our competition & our team and our equipment! Our Team We utilize only highly trained and licensed professionals to perform our procedures. With nearly 40,000 procedures performed annually, Look Great MD is the East Coast leader in its field! Since our nurses perform more laser and aesthetic procedures than any other group in the area, they are proficient at providing the best results for our patients. Most other centers utilize under-qualified “technicians” to perform treatments. Our administrative and sales staff has been with Look Great MD for over 5 years each. They have grown with the company and our patients. We pride ourselves in developing close relationships with our patients. Our knowledge of the services and products we offer is of elite distinction. Our Equipment Look Great MD offers state-of-the-art FDA cleared device technology and products. Because of high costs, many other doctor’s offices and centers are forced to buy more generally manufactured lasers that perform multiple functions or even rent equipment. At Look Great MD, we own the best, most specific laser model for each type of service. This which guarantees that our patients get the best results! Our Philadelphia office has a new location!